Custom Services

Crop and Seed Services

  • •Seed Sales
  • •Chemical Sales
  • •Fertilizer Sales
  • •Soil Testing
  • •Crop Diagnostics/Trouble Shooting
  • •I.P. Soybeans
  • •Mapleseed

Custom Application


  • •Sharpe Farm Supplies maintains a modern fleet of Rogators and Terragators  for accurate and timely application of pesticides and fertilizers
  • •Rogators are outfitted with 100 foot booms to minimize crop damage
  • •Terragator offers unique wet/dry boom for one pass weed and feed
  • •Application of liquid and dry fertilizers available
  • •Call Guelph to book your application

Custom Farming

  • •Planting of corn, soybeans, wheat, small grains
  • •Tillage
  • •Combining corn, soybeans, wheat, small grains
  • •Forage Harvesting Haylage and Corn Silage with Self Propelled Harvestor
  • •Farm Management available for one stop service
  • •Call Guelph for a quote on your needs

Truck and Freight


  • •Sharpe Farm Supplies offers a fleet of highway and feed trucks for servicing your freight needs in southern Ontario
  • •Four B trains for dry grains
  • •Three axle livestock trailer
  • •Four axle van trailer for dry goods
  • •Three axle tanker for liquid fertilizer
  • •Sucker feed trucks available
  • •Call Guelph for a quote on your needs

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