Swine Services:

  • •Completes, supplements, Premix  

  • •Grain testing

  • •Meter Mill Calibration

  • •Ration Balancing (Pork Tech)

  • •PEP - Purina Enhancement Program

  •         •Packer Performance Audits

  •         •Environment Audits

  •         •Nutrition Audits

  •         •Health Audits

  • •Sales of by-products and commodities

  • •Grain banking

  • •Help with sourcing pig flows and barns

  • •Bag and Bulk Delivery

  • •Experienced swine consultant

Our Feed Specialists are here to help you improve your feed program:

Mike O'Brien

Swine Feeding Consultant

Mike O’Brien grew up on a cattle, hog, and cash crop farm outside of Exeter, Ontario. In 2003, he graduated from the University of Guelph with an Associate Diploma in Agriculture. Mike and his wife Lisa make their home in Plattsville, Ontario. Mike enjoys looking after his customers and helping them to maximize the potential in their operation. If you have questions about your hog or cattle feed programs or crop input needs, give Mike a call. Let Mike bring solutions to your farm along with his superior customer service.

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Purina Mini Pig Chow

Mini Pig Chow is a complete Purina ration in pellet form designed specifically for mini pigs.Feed Purina Mini Pig Chow as a sole complete ration to mini pigs from 8 weeks of age and older. Adjust the amount of feed to control the rate of growth and body condition as desired.Crude Protein Min. . . .
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Purina Pig Tech Early Wean

Pig Tech Early Wean is a highly specialized pre-starter diet, designed with milk and plasma proteins, to be used as a creep/first stage for early weaned piglets 3–5 kg in size... . . .
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Purina Pig Tech Rescue Milk

Pig Tech Rescue Milk is a highly digestible milk replacer for baby pigs 1–3 kg. Use as a replacement to sow’s milk for orphan or starve-out pigs or as a management tool to supplement large litters... . . .
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Purina Pig Tech Transitiion Chl/DEN

Pig Tech Transitiion Chl/DEN is a less complex pre-starter diet, designed with milk components and introducing grains to ease the transition of piglets (7.5–10 kg) from specialized, milk-based diets to a starter. To follow PigTech Wean... . . .
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Purina Pig Tech Wean Chl/DEN

Pig Tech Wean Chl/DEN is a specialized pre-starter with milk components and plasma proteins, to follow PigTech Early Wean or as a first stage/creep for traditional weaned piglets 5–7.5 kg... . . .
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