Sharpe Farm Supplies began offering various crop inputs circa 1987. These included King grain cereal grains, PAG corn seed, custom fertilizer blends and common crop protection products.  Within a few years the company progressed to realize a local industry need for application services and the desire for new and improved products. Relationships have been built over the years with suppliers and customers to provide and match services, products, support and information.

Today SFS is pleased to offer seed genetics and technology from companies like Pride, Mapleseed ,Snoblen farms and Syngenta. A Crop protection line from Basf, Nufarm, DuPont, Syngenta and Monsanto. A broad range of fertilizer products to include micro and macro nutrients to best meet crop and soil conditions. A new blending unit was installed in 2014 to make this possible with efficient use of ingredients and time

Application services include nutrient, crop protection products, late season in crop applications, and custom farming services to include planting and harvesting and management. 

We work with our suppliers to provide support for the products we sell. Timely information on crop pests, marketing and opportunities. This is accomplished with a dedicated team of individuals from the front counter to the crop scouts and crop specialists to the back yard with loading and unloading products. 

The latest advancement at SFS in the agronomy division is the use of technology. From auto steers to swath control and auto on/off systems.  Data saving cards and options to help Custom design cropping rotations and products used.